Welcome to the Highlands Police Department Web Site

Department Vision Statement

The Department strives to enhance the quality of life in the community by working in partnership with citizens to protect life and property, maintain order, understand and serve community needs and enforce the law in a manner consistent with legislation and community values.

In the fulfillment of its vision, the Highlands Police Department seeks to achieve a reputation that surpasses the expectations of the community.  The Department strives to be a leader in the professional delivery of police services through the pursuit of innovative service delivery strategies.

Department Mission Statement

The Highlands Police Department is dedicated to promoting and maintaining an atmosphere of safety within our community, through highly skilled employees, dedicated to the protection of constitutional guarantees, maintenance of order, and safeguarding life and property. We shall work closely together with the residents of Highlands employing strategies that help solve the problems of crime, the fear of crime, physical and social disorders and neighborhood decay through impartial and courteous law enforcement with integrity and professionalism.